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Keyboard Navigation is our first step towards an accessible Blockly.
You can enter accessibility mode by shift clicking anywhere on the workspace or on a block.
Some basic commands for moving around are below. More complete documentation is still in progress.

Workspace Navigation
W: Previous block/field/input at the same level
A: Up one level (Field (or input) -> Block -> Input (or field) -> Block -> Stack -> Workspace)
S: Next block/field/input at the same level
D: Down one level (Workspace -> Stack -> Block -> Input (or field) -> Block -> Field (or input))
T: Will open the toolbox. Once in there you can moving around using the WASD keys. And insert a block by hitting Enter
X: While on a connection hit X to disconnect the block after the cursor

Pre Order Traversal
Feel free to just play around in accessibility mode or hit the button below to see the demo. The demo uses preorder tree traversal as an alternative way to navigate the blocks, connections, and fields on the workspace.

The cursor controls how the user navigates the blocks, inputs, fields and connections on a workspace. This demo shows two different cursors:
Default Cursor: Allow the user to go to the previous, next, in or out location.
Basic Cursor: Using the pre order traversal allows the user to go to the next and previous location.